Purpose: This contingency plan is set up for the uncertain events may be occurred in disaster response and relief efforts in Laos.

Overview: This is a three page document detailing the potential action in the event of a moderate Mekong slow rising flood. It includes who potential stakeholders, partners and local authorities maybe; and suggests other potential hazards:

  • Introduction
  • Emergency scenarios: describing the Mekong flood and storm hazard, people and areas affected.
  • Operational roles and response activities in health,food and nutrition, search and rescue; relief activities, fundraising and reporting, coordination partners

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

For Lao Red Cross contingency planning, click here Lao contingency plan, size 0.4 MB

For Myanmar Red Cross contigency planning, click here Myanmar plan, size 0.3 MB, TOR, size 0.2 MB; Structure, size0.04 MB  Contact, size 0.07 MB

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