Purpose: The documents provides techniques of risk management in communities, measures to reduce their impacts, community warning system during emergency, emergency rescue in order to enhance the training activities of disaster response in communities. It is designed for staff and volunteers in communtities to plan, organiza and implement disaster response in community.

Overview: The documents outlines information on risk management in communities, types and measures to reduce their impacts, community warning system during emergency and emergency rescue. It includes 11 parts:

  • Course introduction
  • Popular risks and community response team
  • Family safety and disaster response preparedness
  • First aid and emergency skills
  • Commanding center in emergency and victim classification
  • Management of corpses
  • Fire rescue
  • Basic search and rescue
  • Drowning rescue
  • Practice
  • Revision

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Communication staff, Volunteers

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Country: Vietnam
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