The toolkit contains 12 tools designed to support gender-based violence (GBV) staff to build disability inclusion into their work, and to strengthen the capacity of GBV practitioners to use a survivor-centred approach when providing services to survivors with disabilities. The tools cover three sections: disability inclusion in GBV programme planning; disability inclusion in GBV programme implementation; and monitoring and evaluating disability inclusion in GBV programmes.


The tools for each section are:

  • Disability inclusion in GBV programme-planning: guidance on including people with disabilities and caregivers in GBV assessments; group discussion guide; and individual interview tool.
  • Disability inclusion in GBV programme implementation: gender-based violence and disability: a training module for GBV practitioners in humanitarian settings; pre- and post-training test for the GBV and disability training module; guidance on communicating with people with disabilities; accessible information, education and communication (IEC) materials; guidance for GBV caseworkers: applying the guiding principles when working with survivors of disabilities; guidance for GBV service providers: informed consent process with adult survivors with disabilities; and working with caregivers of survivors with disabilities.
  • Monitoring and evaluating disability inclusion in GBV programmes: reflection tool for GBV practitioners; and documenting “stories of change”.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: Women’s Refugee Commission (2015). Building Capacity for Disability Inclusion in Gender-Based Violence Programming in Humanitarian Settings – A Toolkit for GBV Practitioners. International Rescue Committee. Pp. 1-3. Available from: https://www.womensrefugeecommission.org/?option=com_zdocs&view=document&id=1173 [Accessed: 18th July 2016].

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