Child-led disaster risk reduction is gaining recognition as a critical component linked to community based disaster management. It is a child-centred community-based framework that fosters the agency of children and youth, both in groups and as individuals, to work towards making their lives safer and their communities more resilient to disasters. The approach entails the ethical and meaningful participation of all children in assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating disaster risk reduction (DRR) programs.

In order to promote Comprehensive School Safety framework and school-based disaster risk reduction (SBDRR) through Regional tool combined with YABC for schools to develop the SBDRR plan, Myanmar Red Cross organized the SBDRR and youth empowerment workshop on July 7-10, 2015.


The following is the outline of the Toolkit:

  • Concept of School Based Disaster Risk Reduction
  • School based Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity
  • School Based Task Force
  • Mock drill in School (How and What)
  • School Disaster Management Committee and Planning

Usage: Training materials

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers, Youth


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