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Lao Red Cross (LRC) has conducted an internal lesson learned workshop during a planning meeting in Attapeu on 14 March 2019.

Participants: 17 persons, from headquarters and Attapeu Chapter including the leads from the Disaster Management, Health, International Relations, Finance, and Administrations departments.

Objective: To discuss what went well, challenges and recommendations consolidated from the beginning of the operation until the end of the emergency phase.

Outcome: The workshop allowed participants to discuss and review about the operation. The participants were divided into two groups, each had representatives from both headquarters and chapter.

Group 1’s discussion:

What went well:

* LRC HQ established a flood response committee

* Good support from partners

* Strong Communication with different sectors

* Received Fund and budget from society and others


* No previous experience to face such kind of disaster (this is the first-time floods happened due to dam collapse in Laos)

* Poor road condition and difficult to access.

* Not enough vehicles and rescue equipment

* Unclear communication between HQ and Provincial level

* Lack of skilled and experienced HR

* There are some gaps on the operation


* Should have a clear plan and strategy to implement activities.

* Build capacity to all staffs who focus on emergency response.

* Support operation equipment

* Build a strong relationship with partners and other stakeholders

* Support allowance to staffs and volunteers who work so hard for the operation.

Group 2’s discussion:

What went well:

* All staffs have responsibilities on their own work

* There is some discussion and planning among the team

* Good communication with other partners

* There is teamwork within the organization

* Received relief items and equipment

* Good support from partners (IFRC, German Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Thai Red Cross Society, etc)


* Road condition is poor and difficult to access.

* Most of the staff has no experiences in emergency response

* There was no emergency plan of action (Fund, People, equipment…)

* Uncleared communication system

* Shortage of rescue equipment and vehicle

* Lack of preparation for flood response


* Emergency response plan needs to exist

* Trained volunteer should be in place in each area/chapter so that they can respond immediately

* LRC should create a volunteer system under Red Cross chapter

* Should have enough rescue equipment and vehicles

* Capacity building for staff and volunteers about Disaster Management/ Disaster Risk Reduction/Disaster Response Management

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