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The Asia Pacific Migration Network (APMN), in collaboration with IFRC and the ICRC will host an Annual General Meeting from 18-19 June in Bangkok, Thailand. This Meeting will complement the Red Cross Red Crescent Conference on Labour Migration, to be held from 20-21 June, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Annual General Meeting will provide a forum for Asia Pacific National Societies to share information, discuss challenges and successes, identify opportunities and chart a common way forward in addressing humanitarian needs in the context of migration in and from the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific Migration Network (APMN) is a regional forum established by agreement between the 17 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (NS) that gathered in Bangkok in December 2012 for the Asia Pacific Migration Workshop. The Australian Red Cross and the Maldivian Red Crescent are the current co-chairs of the Network, and the Australian Red Cross hosts the Secretariat for the APMN.

Objectives of the Annual General Meeting
The objectives of the 2018 APRMN Annual General Meeting are to:
1. Strengthen the APMN as a platform for ongoing collaboration and dialogue between Asia Pacific National Societies
2. Enhance understanding of the Movement’s approach to migration
3. Deepen and share understanding of the complexity of migration issues across the region and work towards practical action
4. Learn from one another, and to deepen relationships between National Societies on migration
5. Identify gaps and opportunities related to addressing the humanitarian concerns related to migration
6. Build on the outcomes raised by the 6 National Societies that participated in the 2018 APMN peer to peer learning at Australian Red Cross

Meeting documents:

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