Purpose: This document is aimed to share and learn experiences from regional and global migration operations and activities in order to  address challenges relating to migration

Overview: This snapshot provides an update on the migration activities of the Southeast Asia Regional Delegation and National Societies in the region. It has a particular focus on the Brunei Red Crescent and the Philippines Red Cross as they continue to develop programs to address the specific needs of female labor migrants in the region. Main contents include:

  • Introduction. Rights of migrants in action project: briefing on the Rights of Migrants in Action project, capacity building session on project planning and proposal writing, call for papers launching.
  • Mainstreaming migration into the resilience agenda: Regional Community Safety and Resilience Forum 2015 in Indonesia with the model of a resilient house with migration integrated into resilience building efforts. Asia pacific migration network and ‘Migration Issues in the Asia Pacific Region’ paper reporting key findings and case studies. Training of the Trainers 2015 with a session focused on ‘Dignity, access, participation and safety of migrants’. Report on migrants for the 32nd International Conference. Activities in Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.
  • Migration planning for 2016 and new resources.

Usage: Learning from experience

Audience: National Society leadership, Technical staff, Communication staff, Volunteers


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