Purpose: The orientation workshop with the participants from National Societies was held over two days to develop an understanding on the basic approach towards School Safety based on the evolved model of School Based Disaster Risk Reduction (SBDRR) so that the National Societies will develop basic road map for implementation of school safety in the country context.

Overview: This document helps the participants to understand and have hands-on experience of some of the tools in the school environment and also at the same time understand the key challenges faced during the implementation of school safety programme. The workshop will be an IFRC Southeast Asia Regional Delegation interactive workshop and will use simulations as an effective tool for understanding school school safety. Key Aspects of the Orientation Workshop include:

  • Better theoretical understanding of school safety: how to implement the three pillars in the school along with building linkages with the communities; realize the impacts of major natural disasters but also help them identify the day-to-day stresses faced by the school
  • Understand the basic roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders under School Safety Program along with the defined roles and standard operating procedures

Usage: Learning from experience

Audience: National Society leadership, Communication staff, Volunteers

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Author: IFRC
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Country: Indonesia
Resource type: Training materials

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