The briefing note offers concrete and easy-to-understand explanation about One Billion Coalition for Resilience and relates it with the National Societies, on the benefits and ways to participate.
The One Billion Coalition is a new initiative to scale-up community and civic action to strengthen individual and community capacity to thrive in the face of adversity. The goal is that by 2025, at least one billion people around the world will have taken active steps to become safer, healthier and more prosperous.
  • The brief concept of resilience
  • What the Coalition looks like on the ground (national and local levels)
  • How to make it happen
  • What it offers to National Societies
  • How National Societies can participate
  • Immediate next steps


Usage: Policy development, Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: National Society leadership and staff

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Author: IFRC
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Resource type: Briefing paper

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