Purpose: The document aims to provide strategic guidelines for the overall work of Myanmar National Society at all levels for the coming few years (3-5 years) to configure available resources within a challenging environment to meet the needs of vulnerable groups and to fulfil stakeholders’ expectations. The Strategy was developed following the end of the previous strategic plan from 2006-2010.

Overview: The document outlines strategies including strategic visions, strategic goals and objectives, strategic mission and plan, key strategies and core areas for Myanmar Red Cross in their mandate to address humanitarian issues of the most vulnerable peoples, saving their lives from natural and man-made disasters and crises in the country. The strategic plan consists 9 parts:

  • National Society context
  • Strategic planning at Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS): Overview of  The Strategic Plan 2007-2010, Federation Strategy 2020, MRCS’s Strategic Planning process 2010
  • MRCS Vision and Mission for 2015 and beyond: visions, missions and fundamental changes
  • Addressing Strategic Issues and Challenges: 11 issues and challenges
  • Strategic Goals and Key Strategies: 3 strategic goals and key strategies to achieve these goals
  • Enabling Actions: 10 actions
  • Cross-cutting Issues: several issues including gender and equity, climate change, promotion of youth and volunteers participation
  • Partnerships: includes RC Movement partners, UN and INGOs, National Partners
  • Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Usage: Policy development

Audience: National Society leadership, Technical staff, Communication staff

Document Data

Publication date: November 30, 2010
Status: Final Type: PDF Size (MB): Size: 28
Country: Myanmar
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Resource type: Policy

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