The International First Aid and Resuscitation Guidelines (referred to as the guidelines) aims to foster harmonization of first aid practices among the Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies and provide a true evidence-base to these practices. It is part of quality assurance to ensure that the general public and volunteers receive first aid training in accordance with IFRC standards and to establish, in due course, the IFRC International First Aid Certification.

These guidelines do not replace first aid manuals and associated educational materials but serve as the basis for developing and updating first aid manuals, resuscitation programmes, apps, public information and associated educational materials. National Societies should adapt these guidelines as needed for their local contexts (culture, language, habits etc.), legal context, local prevalence of injuries or illnesses and their own capacities (see Local adaptation). In addition, these guidelines and evidence review serve as an excellent reference for first aid instructors, emergency responders and their agencies.

Usage: Guidance for implementation

Audience: National Society first aid programme managers, scientific advisory groups, first aid instructors and first responders


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