These guidelines aims to guide practitioners go through the various stages in the project cycle. The focus is on providing practical guidance and tips for going through each stage of livelihoods programming in the specific context of early recovery (sections 3 to 8). They are to be used together with existing IFRC tools and guidelines (see section 9).



Throughout the guidelines, there are:

  • Definitions of terms clearly marked in ‘definition’ boxes
  • Examples of successful Red Cross Red Crescent livelihoods programming
  • Good practice tips (do’s and do nots)
  • Checklists with questions that help cover the most important issues
  • Further reading suggestions at the end of every section
  • Tools and templates for use in the field in the annexes, (and a CD in the hard copy).


Usage: These guidelines could be used as:

  • A tool for planning and carrying out an assessment
  • A ready reference for conducting participatory fieldwork
  • A checklist for good livelihoods programme design
  • A reminder of monitoring good practice.

Audience: National Society livelihoods managers and staff

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