To give an overview of DRR Field Session implementation in Asia Pacific.



A DRR Field Session takes place over 10 days. Participants spend 3 days in the field and 7 days in the classroom. The entire process promotes peer learning and enhances the development of skills based on logic and reality. There are 2 scenarios in every field session: a case study and a real-life situation. The field session places participants directly in contact with a community that needs assistance.

The first DRR Field Session was held in Laos in 2010, in the following three years, the regional delegation’s Community Safety and Resilience Unit held a total of 6 field sessions throughout South Asia, South-East Asia and East Asia for 148 participants from 9 communities (4 urban and 5 rural) from 20 National Societies.

Field session participants are trained on two important lessons:

  • Firstly, that the consideration of overall risk reduction measures contributing to community resilience is important, and should always be kept in mind.
  • Secondly, that group learning maximizes knowledge sharing as participants simultaneously impart and receive knowledge

Usage: Training, Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Technical staff, Communication staff, Volunteers

For Disaster Risk Reduciton Field Sessions in South-East Asia, click here Field sessions SEA size 4 MB


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