A series of climate change posters: community volunteers, gender, livelihoods, multihazards; flipchard (refer to learning inventory); A4 English/Indonesian Preparedness handout on Disaster Preparedness; A3 1Fold, Garbage Management handout bilingual; Climate Change Adaptation for Kids in Indonesian; A4 handout bilingual PMI profile; Disaster Risk Reduction in Climate Change — chunk poster; Integrated community based risk reduction bilingual; PMI and climate change bilingual.

(Most are in Bahasa Indonesia but there are a handful of items in English)

Usage: Training

Audience: Technical staff, Communication staff , Volunteeers, Gender and Diversity Practitioners

For “Climate change and gender”, click here  Gender, file size: 1.74 MB, English

For “CC and livelihoods”, click here Livelihoods, file size: 2 MB, English

For “CC and Multihazard”, click here Multihazard, file size: 2 MB, English

For “Flyerposters of Tingkatkan Upaya Pengurangan Risiko”, click here TUPR, file size 44.8MB, * in Bahasa Indonesian

For “Partisipasi Palang Merah Remaja”, click here PPMR, file size 0.63 MB, * in Bahasa Indonesian

For “Pengurangan Risiko Terpadu  Berbasis Masyarakat”, click here PRTBM, file size 0.45 MB, * in Bahasa Indonesian

For “School based Disaster Preparedness or Kasiapsiagaan Becana di Sekolah”, click here SBDP, file size: 0.06 MB, Bilingual (English and Bahasa Indonesian)

For “Indonesian Red Cross and Climate Change”, click here IRCCC, file size 0.45 MB, * Bilingual (English and Bahasa Indonesian)

For “Indonesian Red Cross Profile”, click here PMI Profile, file size 0.23 MB, * Bilingual (English and Bahasa Indonesian)

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