This document offers a brief practical guide to the characteristics and functions that an ideal women’s and girls’ centre in a humanitarian context could have in order to adequately respond to the needs of women and girls.

The information included in these guidelines is derived primarily from UNFPA’s work with women and girls in Rakhine and Kachin states. The foundational approach contained in the guidance can however be applied, and adapted, to a variety of contexts.


  • Centres offer a safe space for women and girls in general, and survivors of violence in particular, and promote an environment in which they feel safe and supported in seeking confidential services. They also provide case management services, safe referrals to other support, group support services, community-driven risk identification and mitigation activities, information dissemination, mobile support activities and outreach.
  • The guiding principles that minimise harm to the beneficiaries, and maximise the efficacy and impact of a project are to ensure: the safety of the survivor and her/his family at all times; confidentiality for the affected person(s) and their families; the wishes, choices, rights, and dignity of the survivor are respected and prioritised at all times; and non-discrimination in all interactions with survivors and in all service provision.
  • Support services at the centre can be categorised into: individual support; group-based psychosocial support; prevention and outreach; and mobile-based support.
  • Centres should be in a location guaranteeing easy access for women and girls who are in the camp or in nearby camps/areas. They should be open during locally appropriate hours.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audiences:  Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (June 2014). Building Survivor-Centred Support Services: Women’s and Girls’ Centers in Myanmar: Guidelines and Minimum Standards (pp.1-17).

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