This case study extracts the lessons learned of implementing a mobile money transfer as a delivery mechanism in the context Bangladesh and the process of engaging with the private sector. Innovation and new technologies are continuously identified and explored as ways to improve CTP (Cash Transfer Programming) which creates exciting opportunities to partner with the private sector.


The case study highlights the programme description, challenges and lessons learned, and key messages on mobile money transfers. The key messages on mobile money transfers include:

  • Private sectors are businesses, so to attract the private sector to partner with us, we must offer something of clear value.
  • Our operating environments are not the same with key differences in implementation practices.
  • Our beneficiaries, their clients (this highlights the difference of perspective to take into consideration).
  • Cashing-out must be among the mobile financial services offered.
  • National regulations and policies are constantly changing.
  • Identify the bottlenecks for scaling up.
  • Humanitarian organisations are in a strong position to negotiate.
Usage: Guidance for project planning and implementation
Reference: Exploring mobile money transfers through private partnerships in Bangladesh – CTP case study. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society. (2016). Pp. 1-12.


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