Purpose: The document share one of a series of case studies conducted by MRCS in more than 7 provinces and 39 townships across Myanmar, which analyse of real-life experience, good practice and lesson learns from MRCS activities ) with the goal to reduce the vulnerabilities and risks of the communities living in hazard-prone areas in Myanmar. This practice documentation is best used as a learning input, inspirational trigger and tool for replication

Overview: The document the identification and selection of at-risk project sites in risk reduction programs. It outlines 8 sections including:

  • MRCS strategic approach in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable communities
  • Selection process of the program sites
  • Selection of the most vulnerable townships
  • Selection of the most vulnerable communities at village track/village level
  • Selection of the most vulnerable schools
  • Enabling factors and Challenges
  • Lessons learned and recommendations

Usage: Learning from experience

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

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