The 65-year old Elda Cardoso has had a difficult life and was in need of help. Her story was published in the local Timor-Leste media and Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) Covalima Branch and the Covalima Municipality Church about how the CVTL helped build a small and simple house to make her life a little easier.

Part of CVTL’s mandate is to support vulnerable people when possible. CVTL has provided such support through one of its flagship programs, the Integrated Community-Based Risk Reduction (ICBRR). By joining with the Covalima Municipality Church, CVTL was able to help families like those of Elda’s.

The ICBRR program aims to build safer, healthier, and more resilient communities by delivering an integrated service to the most vulnerable communities, incorporating health promotion, water and sanitation facility construction, livelihood support, shelter provision (house reconstruction), and disaster risk reduction activities.

The photos above show the new house – which will be resistant to the most common disasters in Timor-Leste such as high winds, floods, and landslides. It also includes a toilet inside which is an enormous improvement. Elda Cardoso now lives in a much safer and healthier house now and her life will be a little easier.

Story by CVTL.