Next Hollywood Blockbuster….

Jumping off buildings… pulling injured people from under a building or a burning car… all of this sounds like something from the next Hollywood blockbuster!  No, it isn’t. It’s almost as good, though much more serious.

These activities were part of a five-day intensive training in SEARCH and RESCUE for Cruz Vermelha Timor-Leste (CVTL) and Oxfam led by the Indonesian Red Cross and Timor-Leste Bombeiros (Fire Brigade).  The exercise focused on building several skills including biomechanical trauma and evacuation, Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue, chainsaw use, ascent and descent techniques, firefighting, road accident rescue, and vertical rescue.

“This was a fantastic training – as much of it was new to me” said one of the CVTL staff participating in the training.  “I feel now I am much better prepared when attending a disaster and have a greater confidence in doing many things. Putting all our learning from the past five days into practice with the simulation exercise made it all very real”.

CVTL can now continue to support the community and take action for both human made and natural disasters. Click here to view the video of the exercise.


Photos and story by CVTL.