A Bouquet for First Aiders on Wheels



by Singapore Red Cross

Volunteer First Aiders on Wheels Fion Chin, Ravis Cherry, Anna Ong, Tony Kee and Michael Lim were on duty at Pulau Ubin on 14 July when a young female Taiwanese visitor, Ms Wang S.T. fell ill, slipping in and out of consciousness. 

After cycling around Pulau Ubin for an hour in the sun, at 4.30pm, Ms Wang suffered a bad migraine, and experienced nausea and vomiting spells.

The volunteers kept her under close supervision, laid her down on a stretcher, elevated her legs, offered her drinks for hydration and an ice pack to cool her down. In addition, they took her temperature and monitored her pulse and blood oxygen saturation. 

As it was approaching 5.30pm, marking the end of the volunteers’ shift, Ms Wang came to. Not only did the team not rush to pack up, but they also continued supporting her needs – placing the casualty as a priority.  

The team of Red Cross first aiders approached the Police Coast Guard for a wheelchair and a ride to facilitate Ms Wang’s transfer to the Pulau Ubin Jetty. Subsequently, they arrived at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, where she threw up again upon arrival.

As her condition did not seem to improve, the volunteers called the ambulance and liaised with the paramedics. As Ms Wang did not wish to go to the hospital, the volunteers escorted her back to her hostel in a taxi. They settled her at the hostel, only leaving at 8pm when they were convinced she would be alright. 

Letter of Compliments from NParks Officer (Pulau Ubin  Branch)

“Our sincere gratitude to the Red Cross team on duty on 14 July at Pulau Ubin. They went beyond their call of duty in providing assistance to a Taiwanese young lady who was travelling alone in Singapore and felt severely unwell during her trip to Pulau Ubin. On behalf of the NParks staff in Pulau Ubin branch, we are grateful for the services and assistance rendered by the Singapore Red Cross on the second Sunday of every month.”

The next day, Fion followed up with a message, to ask if Ms Wang was feeling better.

Speaking in Mandarin, Ms Wang shared, “I thank the Red Cross volunteers for their care. My condition has improved, and I am back to normal after my rest.”

Wistfully, she said, “Prior to this trip to Singapore, I was thinking through my plans after graduation… deliberating about becoming a pharmacist or a flight attendant, as these options offered higher income. In a twist of fate, my passion for nursing was rekindled, after having received the immense care and assistance that Sunday. Albeit brief, the encounter with Red Cross volunteers has reinforced my conviction to pursue my calling, and to devote the rest of my life to helping others, in spite of any challenge that might come my way.”


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