On 13 September 2018, Lao Red Cross (LRC) celebrated the World First Aid Day under the theme “First Responses to Road Clashes” at Peer Wat High School in Vientiane Capital where about 500 school students participated in the celebration and learned about first aid techniques.

Students were drawn to the first aid demonstration and actively participated in the training. They had the opportunity to learn from LRC ambulance service team the techniques of: performing CPR on adults, children, and babies; tending to wounds, and broken bones; and transporting injured patients.

Joining in the celebration were delegates from IFRC Country Cluster Support Team in Bangkok and the Japanese Red Cross Society.

For more information, please contact: Dr Soulany Chansy , Health Department, Lao Red Cross: soulanychansy279@gmail.com, and Dr Pornsak Khortwong, IFRC Bangkok: pornsak.khortwong@ifrc.org.