The Red Cross Law was approved by Indonesian Parliament on 11 December 2017, after a long journey of 13 years of work. For over 70 years, The Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia, shortened as PMI) was recognised by Presidential Decree No. 25, 1950 as the only National Society in Indonesia. The Indonesian Government reinforced the provisions of the role and activities of PMI in 1963 through Presidential Decree No. 246.

The Red Cross Law is now regulated by Law No. 1, 2018 and this will reinforce the role of PMI as an auxiliary to the Government of Indonesia. The Board Member of PMI at National Headquarter, Rapiuddin Hamarung, stated that this Red Cross Law is a form of protection and regulation for PMI, as a National Society, to carry out its mandates in Indonesia.

“We have witnessed one of our volunteers murdered while delivering aid assistance in Puncak Jaya, Papua in 2013”, said Hamarung. “Through the approval of Red Cross Law, we hope that PMI personnel are more protected in their humanitarian mission.”

As for the next step, PMI and the Government of Indonesia will establish the government regulations throughout 2018 to set up roles and responsibilities on humanitarian action. This aims at enabling the synergies between the PMI and the Government.


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