The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has started early recovery operation in response to Pidie Jaya, Aceh earthquake, for livelihood, shelters and people’s health. It has conducted activities to help the community of Aceh affected by the earthquake in Pidie Jaya sub-district. This activity is carried out after the post-emergency response of the disaster that ended last December 2016.

The early recovery operation of PMI focuses on two activities, namely the recovery of livelihoods and community shelter through cash transfer programmes (CTP) and the community health.

A mobile clinic for the people affected by Ache earthquake

In the CTP activities, PMI will distribute fund aids to help restore the livelihood to 507 families affected by the earthquake. The assistance will be carried out in nine villages in the sub-district of Tringgadeng, Pidie Jaya. The funds given will be used for the provision of basic needs and equipment for supporting community livelihoods.

While CTP for shelters will be distributed to 526 families in four sub-districts in three regencies of Pidie Jaya, Bireuen and Pidie. The financial assistance will be used for the supply of woodworking equipment to repair people houses.

In the field of health, the early recovery focuses on providing assistance in the form of clean water distribution, repairing springs, clean-up and drilling of wells, mobile clinic, mobile physiotherapy services, psychosocial support to reduce the trauma caused by the earthquake and the provision of clean water filtration facilities.

Around 397 volunteers are deployed to deliver various aids to the community. To mark the start of early recovery operation by PMI, Daily Executive Head of PMI, Ginandjar Kartasasmita, was present in Aceh to hold the first milestone of the construction of bore holes in Gampong Jeulanga, Bandar Dua sub-district, Pidie Jaya on Thursday, 1 December 2016.

“We extend gratitude and trust to all parties who have helped the Aceh people through PMI. After the emergency response, we will continue the assistance through a variety of activities in the early recovery period. We believe this assistance will be very useful for the people of Aceh to be able to revive back, “said the Vice-Chairman of PMI, Ginandjar Kartasmita.

Family kits distribution

PMI’s early recovery operation is carried out after the emergency response of
disaster in the sub-district of Pidie Jaya, Aceh. During the earthquake disaster emergency response in Pidie Jaya, PMI has given the assistance to people affected by the earthquake in 89 villages in the form of 1,171,950 liters of water; mobile clinic services to 2,827 patients; 17 orthopedic operations; psychological help to 2,575 people; 35 wheelchairs, 100 crutches, 50 canes, 30 walkers and 120 arm sling for the disable persons; 1,000 hygiene kits, 2,400 family kits, 500 baby kits, 3,700 tarpaulins, 1,000 blankets, 100 family tents and 9,000 mats.

PMI’s early recovery operation will run for 150 days or 5 months.