Sending regional assistance.

​Sending regional assistance is mentioned in 6 of the laws, at least in a general sense as part of broader mandates on international cooperation -Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Of these, only Myanmar mentions regional assistance specifically.

All of these are brief general mandates. They do not set out the procedures for how a decision should be made. They also do not make a distinction between responding to regional calls for assistance, and sending assistance bilaterally.

Both Malaysia and Singapore also include scope for the mobilization of their national civil defence forces to other countries if requested during disasters. This is a very significant way to send regional assistance. Their civil defence laws empower the Minister to decide whether to send members of the national civil defence force to provide assistance in other countries.

Transit of international assistance.

​The only law to specifically mention transit of regional or international assistance is the Myanmar law. In its 2013 Disaster Management Law, the National Committee – NDMC – role includes, “permitting with the approval of the Union Government in respect of transit through the state of food and relief items and rehabilitation material provided by a foreign country to another country.” (DM Law Article Article 50).

Myanmar’s Disaster Management Rules made under the law then regulate transit in more detail. Some of the general powers mentioned in other ASEAN MS laws, could be used to authorize transit, but they are not specific to this question.