Purpose: The manual provide guidelines and references for every Branch/Chapter official to comprehend and understand their involvement, roles and responsibilities in our endeavour to handle all types of emergencies. This document set Forth all the policies pertaining to the societies set of Emergency Response procedures and processes. This manual is issued and authorized under the Authority of the Secretary General and is aimed at ensuring standardization of the emergency response plan. 

Overview: This manual contains basic information covering on emergency response plan. The folder contains information on: a) The organizational structure b) Duties of operational teams c) National Operating Room and its tasks d) The composition of the National Disaster Management Task Force e) Terms of Reference for the National DM Task Force f) National Disaster Operations Room Structure g) Composition of Disaster Column h) Sequence on Disaster Response i) Relief j) Field Clinic k) Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Branch and National in Disaster Management.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Communication staff, Human Resources, Technical staff

Chapter 1: National Headquarters disaster management planChapter 2: Stardard Operation Procedures disaster response; Chapter 3: Branch disaster management plan; Chapter 4: Chapter disaster management plan; Chapter 5: Ops command- chapter level; Chapter 6: Criteria for requesition from chapter to branch to nat headquarters; Chapter 7: MRCS communication form; Chapter 8: Structure


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