The ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) is a regional framework for cooperation, coordination, technical assistance, and resource mobilisation in all aspects of disaster management. AADMER provides the guidelines for effective mechanisms to achieve substantial reduction of disaster losses in lives and in the social, economic, and environmental assets, and to jointly respond to disaster emergencies through concerted national efforts and intensified regional and international cooperation.

AADMER affirms ASEAN’s commitment to the Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA) and is the first legally-binding HFA related instrument in the world. It serves as the foundation for disaster management initiatives in the region, including for the establishment of AHA Centre. Signed by the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN in Vientiane, Lao PDR in July 2005, the Agreement has been ratified by all ten Member States and entered into force on 24 December 2009. A work programme for the period of 2010 – 2015 has been developed and its progress has been monitored.


AADMER covers State Parties’ rights and obligations in:

  • Disaster risk identification, assessment and monitoring
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Emergency response
  • Rehabilitation
  • Technical cooperation and scientific research
  • ASEAN coordinating centre for humanitarian assistance (AHA Centre)
  • Institutional arrangements and procedures


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