This resource pack aims to provide National Red Cross Societies and partners with the knowledge needed to engage effectively with a particularly ‘at risk’ group, children aged 7-11 years to understand the dangers posed by roads and traffic and learn about First Aid and how it applies to real-life situations. You have within this resource pack, the relevant background, facts and resources to influence the attitude and behaviour of this receptive group, through your network of volunteers and community groups. It also helps to organise awareness raising campaign in your community/country as well as to initiate joint actions with partners for improving the road safety environment in your country. And to finish, it gives ideas on how to combine road safety and first aid. This resource also helps you, as an individual, to address an issue underlined by the United Nations in May 2004:
Road traffic injury constitutes a major but neglected public health problem that requires urgent action.

Please use this toolkit to spread good practice in road safety throughout your country. This can be done by empowering your network of contacts to deliver road safety messages to all groups they are in contact with.

Wisdom is not something that can be imparted to people through the law but through education. First aid training is an effective way to raise
awareness amongst the population about safety issues and prevention. When you learn how to help road accident victims, you are developing
sensitivity to road safety.

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Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

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