The guidelines are developed by Cambodia Red Cross in accordance with its Strategy 2003-2010 and aim to be used as guidance and code of conduct of an emergency response for disaster management and response in order to attain the improvement in its humanitarian services to vulnerable people who are affected by disaster.


The guidelines are part of the package of document includes “The Principles and basic Rules of Cambodian Red Cross in Disaster relief”; “Disaster Preparedness Policy”; “Emergency Response Policy”; “Standard Operating procedures for Cambodian Red Cross Disaster Response Team”. It includes two main chapters:

  • Emergency Response Guidelines: Approach, Training needs, Participatory Risk Assessment and Needs Assessment, Selection of Beneficiaries, Damaged Need Assessment, Disaster Response Operation, Relief Items, Re-supply Assistance, Coordination and Cooperation Issues, Monitoring Issues, Evaluation and Reporting, Annexes of details and forms relating to above issues.
  • Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in disaster relief.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

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