These community engagement and accountability (CEA) standards and tools focus on how to build on four foundational pillars of CEA: transparent communication, involvement, feedback mechanisms and community-led monitoring and evaluation, into the organisation and into all MRCS operations at community based programme, branch and emergency response levels.


The key to MRCS’ approach to CEA is that is it not seen as a separate sector or programme but as a set of interventions to be integrated into existing programmes or operations.

The CEA minimum standards consist of key commitments to CEA that must be upheld though a series of actions. These are presented in two sections:

  1. Organisational level commitments: covering strategies, staffing and partnerships
  2. Commitments for operations: “Operations” includes branches, community based programming and emergency response, and therefore the practical actions required to meet them are divided into three sections:
    i. Community based programmes
    ii. Emergency response
    iii. Branches


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