Selected Abstracts

Below are abstracts that were selected and will be developed into full papers for presentation at the Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Governance Seminar during 24-25 September 2018. Click “view” to access the abstracts.

No. Paper Title

Link to abstracts

1 Building Resilient Communities in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines: A Post-Haiyan Evaluation of the USAID Rebuild Program View
2 Bureaucracy in the Age of the “New Normal”: Public Service Continuity Planning View
3 The Value of Collective and Individual Assets in Building Urban Community Resilience View
4 A Reception Analysis of the risk communication system among the flood-prone communities in Davao City: An Exploratory Sequential Research View
5 Community resilience to reduce urban vulnerability to natural disasters View
6 Potentials and Pitfalls of Crowdsourcing and Popular Media in Disaster Communication: A Systematic Review View
7 Partnering For Resilient Dispute Prevention In The Rehabilitation And Recovery

Of Marawi City And Other Conflict-Affected Communities

8 Transforming development and disaster risk: current research, initiatives and activities View
9 Applications of Space Based Technology (SBT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) To Strengthen Disaster Resilience – A Case Study in Armenia, Bangladesh, Fiji and Philippines View
10 Establishing a collaborative and inclusive approach in creating local regulations for climate and disaster resilience    in Indonesia View
11 Incorporation of Scientific Research Outputs into Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning: Two Case Studies on Nuclear Accident Consequence View
12 Strengthening Capacities of the Local Government Unit of Garchitorena for Disaster Preparedness and Climate Risk Reduction and Management View
13 Aid and accountability: the state’s obligation to ensure transparency and accountability as to international disaster aid and assistance View
14 Gamified Chaingrai Earthquake lesson learnt for Disaster Education View
15 Flood Impact, Risk Perception, and Preparedness of Households in Songkhla Province View
16 From Experience to Change: Lessons Learned from 2018 Mayon Volcanic Eruption View
17 What are the gaps in the implementation of climate change adaptation financing in Indonesia? View
18 Climate information and adaptation in rice farming: Observations from the Philippines View
19 State of the Art of Climate Information System (CIS) in the Philippines View
20 Addressing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during disaster View
21 Best Practices on Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming in Disaster Risk Management Systems: Vietnam Case Study View
22 Federalizing Disaster Risk Management: Lessons for Institutional Reform View
23 Gender and Diversity in Psychosocial Support Programme A Content analysis of Indonesian Red Cross Psychosocial Debriefing Programme View
24 Towards Disaster Resilience: The role of Multi Donor Trust Fund for Indonesia Disaster Risk Management View
25 Recognizing Women and Marginalized Communities’ Perspective in Disaster Risk Reduction. Case Study: Bandar Lampung City, Indonesia View
26 A Critical Analysis on the Process of Integration of the Aeta Community and their Local Knowledge in the Municipal DRRM Plan of the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Porac, Pampanga View
27 In between Marginalization and transformation: Weighing the conditions of possibility among the Aetas of Mabalacat City, Pampanga in the globalizing Clark Special Economic Zone View
28 Building School Resiliency: The Case of Laguna State Polytechnic University – Los Banos Campus, Laguna, Philippines View
29 The study of competency and indicators of disaster management in operations prevents and disaster relief officer local administration View