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    Travelling the Wieliczka Salt Mine is actually enjoyable things. Acquiring had some claustrophobic moments in the Cango Caves, one of many family-friendly things to do in South Africa, ” I was not sure I wanted to go on a tour one hundred thirty five metres underground. I really couldn’t discount the reviews and we were passing directly by it on down our way to your Zakopane ski vacation, so we made a decision to offer it a go. If you are Auschwitz and salt mine tours from UK, then you should absolutely consider adding a Krakow Salt Mine tour to your destination.

    Here’s just a little background advice on the Krakow Salt Mines and exactly that which we considered of our trip.

    Tour to Auschwitz and Salt Mine of the Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Salt mining started in the mines during the 13th century. Throughout the excursion, you are going to hear that the legend of the way a mine was discovered. We’ll not spoil it for you. Mining continued until 1996 when, due to decreasing salt prices and also flood in their mine, mining of this salt stopped. Back in 1978 the plantations turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Website plus they are now a tremendous tourist attraction in Poland.

    This Polish salt mine is located in a little town named Wieliczka in the south of Poland. It can be known since that the Salt Mines Krakow but is actually a bit out of Krakow (approximately 14km to the south). It truly is easily accessible if you have an automobile as well as a cab would not become more than #10 in the middle of Krakow. If you’re depending upon public transport, following is a good guide to public transport possibilities to make the journey to the Wieliczka Salt Mines out of Krakow. You may also get a tour departing from Krakow.

    Wieliczka Salt Mines tour

    There certainly are a couple of different tours you could perform, but just these is suitable for children below 10. Be aware that you cannot visit the salt mines with no trip since the salt mine is still an labyrinth of almost 250 kilometers of tunnels and you also can easily become dropped. You need to stay with all the guide at all moments. We hadn’t done our investigation correctly before coming and were not looking to do a 3-hour tour. Keep in mind until you visit there are a lot of ways. You can receive most useful direct on Auschwitz salt mine tour via online.

    Tourist Route

    The vacationer route is 3.5 km long and also the tour takes about 3 hoursper day. The temperate at the mine is a more constant 16 — 18 levels so even if it’s mid winter above ground, it will feel quite mild underground. You can find 800 methods in total with this particular tour (350 in the start right down a mineshaft ) therefore you want to consider the suitability of the prior to starting. You will see saline ponds, lakes, chambers with attractively stained salt sculptures and even a few chapels, with these being nothing short of glorious. The bracelets that are enormous from the largest chapel are manufactured almost entirely out of absolute salt so that the’crystals’ are nearly completely translucent and appearance like the real thing. It’s quite an amazing sight.

    Throughout the excursion, you are encouraged to touch the salt and there is even cite of licking walls (in your risk) to check that it is indeed salt. Obviously, once the youngsters heard this, they’ve been determined to lick on the walls! Everybody else, even the kids, receives a headset to reevaluate exactly what the guidebook is saying and that means you can listen to at constantly. The tourist route tours have been in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. If you need anything aside from English, we recommend examining the site for specific excursion times to get your language of choice.

    English tour times

    English excursions are every 30minutes so if you have not were able to examine these days, then you wont need to wait around overly long.

    Miner’s Route

    The miners’ route excursion will be currently only accessible in English and Polish. Tour takes place in 10.30 and two pm English. It has 2 kilometers long and takes approximately a couple of weeks. Visitors will be required to wear protective clothes and also have some education until the beginning of tour. There are not any restaurant facilities about this specific tour or toilets which means that you should be certain you go until the excursion begins. We did not do this trip so we can not remark about this.

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