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    If this is an emergency please call

    Water Removal & Water Damage Restoration

    ServiceMaster of Columbia has years of experience in returning homes back to normal after suffering from water damage, and helping families, businesses, and individuals just like you. This makes us the best choice for all your emergency services and water damage restoration needs.

    Act Immediately

    Cleanup needs to start as soon as possible after being identified. This will minimize damage from the water, and keep your cleanup costs down. ServiceMaster of Columbia has the equipment needed to quickly remove water from your home or business. Our professionals are also trained to identify different types of water damage, as well as identify exactly where the home/business is damaged. Start by shutting off the water source. Call 573-443-8383, and move any furniture or items that you can out of the affected area, and begin taking pictures of the damage for your insurance company.

    water removal brentwood can be on site usually within 1-2 hours of the initial call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call, our staff will give you the personal attention you deserve.

    Restoration Right

    The water removal and drying process helps to minimize overall damage. If left standing, water causes irreparable damage to hardwood floors, will loosen vinyl, and can cause carpets to mold or delaminate. If the water is left sitting without action, it may absorb into the ceilings, walls and items throughout the structure, causing secondary damage and increasing cleanup or drying costs in the long run. It is always best to hire a professional like ServiceMaster of Columbia to clean up the flood damage the right way.

    Our Process

    It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. The drying and restoration may require up to three phases before completion.

    Water damage

    Water drying

    Water removal/Extraction