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    Often, these large outdoor lighting will be combined with an integrated thermometer and measure for added usefulness. Column mounted Street clocks could be made two-, three- or four-faced. Additional bodies to promote purposes allow you in order to spread you individual messages in a very unique and personalized manner.

    We design, build, and install custom architectural clocks for both towers plus buildings. Our clocks frequently form the signature component of a fresh commercial development.

    We offer a higher level of flexibility in our designed including adjustable levels for free standing clocks and a selection associated with dial sizes.
    Highly recommended Internet page All associated with our clocks are provided in one piece which easily simplifies installation. Whatever your need, Christoph Paccard can help you find the product that perfectly suits your needs. We have a lengthy list of excited plus satisfied customers who make use of our large outdoor lighting. Today, with a numerous of methods to keep period, these large outdoor clocks are not a complete requirement, but still persistently conserve the image of service and reliability.

    Electric Time Company manufactures a wide variety of Tower Clock designs. Lit Tower clocks are available backlighted, halo lighted, or advantage lighted with LEDs. Custom made designed tower clocks are limited only from your creativity. A wide range of standard dial markings plus hands together with special call lettering and graphics are usually available.

    Company Details

    Owing to the quality associated with the products offered, we have garnered immense appreciations of our clients spread round the globe. Founded in 1989 Hawkins Clock Company specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing all manner of external clocks, clock towers and weathervanes. All the parts, which includes dial, hands, motor, support brackets, lighting elements, etc. are self-contained and fully assembled. Site electricians or local sign businesses are experienced to install a full tower clock manufactured by LUMICHRON.

    Please click the hyperlinks on the left or the products below for additional information. Having been in business for over 8 decades, Georg Rauscher have a huge depth of knowledge supplying clocks from five hundred mm, to adorn house gable ends, to 4 faced tower clocks -with 6000 mm dials. Traditional and modern designs are usually available, gold leafed fingers are a specialty. Lumichron is an experienced structure clock manufactuer, designing plus building automatic control structure clocks for architects and builders throughout the planet since 1984. We offer top quality made-to-order exterior clocks with regard to buildings, designed to fit seamlessly into your system plans.

    In case mounting the clock upon a pre-existing building, there are several options. A hybrid method of mounting is used along with what’s called skeletal lighting, in which the driving mechanisms and framework are hidden through view with only the numbers and hands protruding from the wall. This particular resulting appearance is as in case the building and clock are one continuous device.

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    If you’ve observed a magnificent timepiece gracing a city square, courthouse, university, or business middle, chances are it’s from your Verdin Company™. Creating great timepieces has been the hallmark of Verdin’s clock business since the company’s founding in 1842. We are the United States’ oldest continually operating manufacturer of tower clocks plus post clocks. Tower lighting have become the regal signature of many communities; the imperial presence of a clock tower immediately creates a sense of place in any gathering area. A tower time clock is typically one, 2, three, or four clocks being a set, located upon an upper extension associated with a building.

    We focus in designing rare and eye-drawing tower clocks that will bring an air of sophistication to any room! Whether your facility will be a course, a courtyard, or perhaps even a memorial, we all are experienced in taking unique spatial ad environment needs. Our Clock Towers are quintessential of English design and our history.

    Street Bell Tower Pillars Outdoor Decorative Stainless Steel Statue

    Whenever you choose Christoph Paccard, you are choosing a commitment to YOU. Incorporating an outdoor tower clock into your architectural designs provides an immediate focal point to the public together with an added worth to passersby. Our surrounded canister clocks and clockworks are a perfect remedy every time a project calls for a custom weatherproof outside tower clock. Campbellsville lighting give that special service, whether in towers, at street corners, or on buildings. Someone to four synchronously driven dials – driven from central motor or separate motors.